What Kai Po Chhe is...

A roar in the air, A Yell for Victory;
A shout for a cut, A cheer for excitement;
A dance of delight, A light in the Night;

These are some of many ways ‘Kai Po Chhe’ is meant in Gujarati language

As the Sun’s run changes from southern to northern (Dakshinayan to Uttarayan) and initiates summer, it is referred to as the day of new good healthy wealthy beginning. On this occasion to rejoice and re-dedicate ourselves towards mission of building a better society and making a stronger united country we request you to collaborate for ‘Kai Po Chhe 2016’.

This year’s Uttarayan Festivity and celebrations will bring together lakhs of people to take up Responsibility of Swachh Bharat Mission by cleaning the cities; showcase Sensitivity for Beti Bachao Beti Padhao through dance competition especially for girls and millions of social media audience will get aware to join the cause.